Dahlia 'Rocco'


Dahlia 'Rocco'


Dahlias are available to order Mid November

Rocco is a tiny (1.5” across) little dahlia in a deep purpley magenta. Delicate curved petals form a sphere bobbing away on top of tall stems. A lovely addition to the garden.

Dahlias are the perfect plant for introducing yourself to growing cut flowers. Easy to grow and the more you cut the more the plant will bloom, right up until the first frosts. Then simply dig up the tuber and keep cool and dry ready for replanting the following year.

Tubers should be planted in Spring, in pots undercover and then planted out after all risk of frost has passed. Pinch out growing tips when plants are about a foot tall for strong, bushy plants. Plants, especially the dinner-plate varieties, will benefit from staking in all but the calmest spots.

Our tubers are bred from our own stock, picked for their colour, beauty and performance as a cut flower. As we grow our own, your tuber may look a little different to the wholesale dutch ones you may have previously purchased from large chains. We divide ours like this to reduce the chance of rot and breakage during storage and shipping. Never fear, they are just as vigorous and will turn into large plants before you know it.

Dahlia sales open mid November & will be shipped in early March. If you are buying as a gift please download the appropriate gift certificate from this page.

Please do not eat any part of the plant!

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